Welcome To Prithvi Dye Chem

We, Prithvi Dye Chem are reckoned as a prominent Chemical Supplier based in Bangalore. We are dealing in a comprehensive range of industrial acids, chemicals and solvents and are dominant suppliers, distributors and traders for industries both big and small. We are in the chemical arena from the last 20 years. Our chemical products are used in industries, laboratories and domestic household.

We create value in the supply chain by meeting the demands of several hundred customers ranging over several industry verticals, with their specific needs and diverse purchase volumes. Our Company has over the years successfully handled numerous challenging supply schedules for various industries. We believe in quality service to our customers which now is a passion for us. Owing to our quality and consistency as a reliable source of supply, we have earned immense credibility in the industry. Our company looks forward to establish a strong foundation for all industries with our expertise and knowledge in the chemical field.


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